Marco Casciello, 24, was born in Scafati in 1994 and is currently based in Milan.
Scafati is a town of about 60k people in province of Salerno, in Campania, and is geographically located between two major cities in the world: Naples and Pompeii.
Growing up in his mother's atelier helped his discover more and more about his passion for fashion.
He attended Istituto Einaudi in Scafati as a high school student.
In January 2013 he decided to create, as a full expression of himself, a lifestyle blog, a space on the net, to join into one single space his passions for fashion, travelling, music and photography. He gave it the name of The Showroom 21.
Marco Casciello also collaborated with some fashion houses and designer brands.
To improve even more his knowledge about fashion he started to study Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni, where he's currently working hard to make all his dreams come true.